There are many players out there with a clan tag equal or similar to [KiF] which nonetheless aren't members of this clan KiF.
In addition there are names of KiF members which were given up and are not in use any more but still popping up in some statistics around the web. (Perhaps their low scores were the reason for starting up with a new name, na-HA! na-HAHA!)
What follows is pretty obvious: Only players with an entry in the members section of this site are members of this clan.

Another tag which is sometimes in use by clan KiF is (A) which is used only for the following two reasons:
- a member-to-be still in his/her 'apprentice' phase
- a player not intending to join clan KiF but playing together with KiF members in a session, clan match, etc.
A player using this tag might
turn up as [KiF]Stone (A).

Various other tags can be used to express a certain role or state of mind. These tags have always the form (ws'('{ASCII}*')')*. For example [KiF]Ciske (OS) (Boarder).