You may use this files for your personal use only. Any altering or distributing of the files or directly linking to the files is forbidden. If you find anything useful then please write something in the guestbook.

The models are taken from the web and the "we R 1337 h4x0rz" .diz and .nfo files were removed.

Some scripting ideas are 'borrowed' from other people but underwent heavy rewriting. All sprites are built from scratch.

If you experience problems, mail to

cheat counter-measures

there are two 'invisible' models in ...\cstrike\models and people can (and do) change their model to one of them to be invisible in-game.
download this spiked model and copy it to ...\cstrike\models\oranget.mdl and ...\cstrike\models\arcticoranget.mdl. you may backup the original files to restore them as soon as the cheat is blocked and the changed models are detected as cheat models.

another cheat is the crash model cheat, based on the same machanism as the invisible cheat. this will crash YOUR computer because it tries to show 'illegal' models. the easiest way to counter this cheat is to replace the illegal models with legal ones. get this archive containing a appropriate model and a batchfile that replaces the illegal models with the one in the archive. this will have no negative effect but it is supposed as cheating, so backup the original files.


assault rifle sprite

sniper rifle sprite

  • copy above file in your ...\cstrike\sprites folder
  • replace in weapon_aug.txt and weapon_sg552.txt the line 'crosshair 320 ...' with
    'crosshair 320 aha_assault_zoom 0 0 255 255'
    and the line 'crosshair 640 ...' with
    'crosshair 640 aha_assault_zoom 0 0 255 255'.
  • copy above file in your ...\cstrike\sprites folder
  • replace in weapon_XXX.txt (where XXX is awp, g3sg1, scout or sg550) the line 'zoom 320 ...' with
    'zoom 320 aha_sniper_scope 0 0 255 255'
    and the line 'zoom 640 ...' with
    'zoom 640 aha_sniper_scope 0 0 255 255'.
    if you play on a lamer server, where autoaim is enabled do the same for 'zoom_autoaim ...'.

yes, they are of different transparency. i know they are the same right now, but if i change one of them then no user will have to change any txts...

configs (using complete rebinding)

autoexec.cfg just to define how to start aha.cfg


default settings + execing cfgs
aha-aliases-dvmsgs.cfg messages from the scripts
aha-aliases-comm.cfg in-game messages
aha-aliases-hud.cfg hud toggles
aha-aliases-net.cfg net toggles
aha-aliases-move+buy.cfg move & buy aliases
aha-aliases-weapons+c4+grenades.cfg wepons, c4 & grenade switches
aha-bind-default.cfg default bindings
aha-bind-combat.cfg in-game bindings
aha-bind-comm.cfg communication bindings
aha-bind-buy.cfg buy bindings
aha-bind-buysimple.cfg buy bindings for standard buy menu - when you have to buy night vision goggle :)
aha-bind-net.cfg net altering bindings

download all of them, unzip it to ...\cstrike and insert '-zone 4096' in your counter-strike startup parameters. when your game starts, type 'aha' in the console to activate the scripts. no existing scripts are affected, because all 'variables' start with aha_ ...


as you might know there is a possibility to spray colored logos. here is a manual of how to make colored logos yourself and below is a collection of my logos. you can download the last two and the second one without my name on it.