This is Planet KiF - the official home of Clan KiF!

Back then, we used to say The greatest clan on earth. Well, that might had never been really true. But there is a chance that we can legitimately say this nowadays:

The oldest clan on earth!

Founded in January of 2000 the clan has now (2021) the bombastic age of 21 years! And counting! Actually we were playing together quite some years before that, but it was in 2020 when we put that name together.

We lost quite a few guys over the years and the fighters being active today might have problems getting out of the bed without any help. Being around the age of 50 is no fun. We are the real silverbacks of Counter Strike.

You may have stumbled upon some players with the “KiF” prefix ingame and looked for their clan. Yes, there a still some folks active. But probably you are here looking for our famous Counter Strike (server) configuration. See the menu item Documentation.

So what does KiF mean?

We never found out ;-) Well, there are many possibilities.

  • Keiner ist feige!
  • Kinder im Ferienlager
  • Knowledge is futile
  • Käse in Finnland
  • Karlsruhe ist flüchtig
  • Kiffen im Freizeitheim
  • Kiske ist füllig

Just choose one!