How we run our Counter Strike:Global Offensive server at AWS

When we decided to move away from the standard game server hosting companies (because it wasn’t working properly anyway) we learnt quite a few things. First of all: we found out that Valve’s documentation is a shame!

So after investing plenty of our time we decided that the gained useless knowledge might save some others some nerves. So we put together all those tons of docs that you find right below these lines.

You might want to check out our Github project csgo where we put the whole configuration of the server ready for you to fork and reuse. Leave a Github star as kudos!

Have fun!

  • What's all this then?

    ... or how we decided to host our own public CS:GO Server and what this documentation is about.
  • Setting up the Server

    We decided on setting up a server hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This section explains how we did that, what changes we made to the initial setup and how much we are currently paying for it.
  • Managing the Server

    How to manage access to your server and how to start, stop and reboot CS:GO.
  • Configuring the Game Server

    There are more then 3000 variables and commands to configure the client and server behavior of CS:GO. Here we try to give you a basic understanding of how configuration works, how to find information about configuration and how we configured our server.

  • Workshop maps

    We like to play a lot of old school maps and were really happy to find adoptions of them for CS:GO. Rats! 747! Mansion! But how do we get them into today's game infrastructure?
  • Helpful Client Scripts

    The following scripts have been proven useful on the client side.