• Aha

    I like camping! In real life.
    Not in the game, I swear!

  • Charlies Silence

    My nickname has something to do with the city I live in …
    Btw: always be careful with flashbangs.

  • Dackel

    Run first, shoot later: a really hard habit to break but hey, let’s not try to teach an old dog new tricks. So I play enthusiastically and aim for the title “Enemy of hearts” (which really is something that should be added to the endgame titles).

  • Jacky

    Sometimes my son is playing instead of me. No one knows if these are the better or worse of my performances!

  • Jagger

    Finally, I fell in love with the AWP and things got better …

The sleeping giants

  • Blandi
  • Fritz
  • Grendel
  • Hammer
  • J
  • JJ
  • JoBoot
  • Schwindlig
  • Thubba