The following scripts have been proven useful on the client side.

Basic information regarding client config files

The Steam client looks for config files in this folder


where <steam> denotes the Steam installation folder and <user-id> your own Steam user id (typically there is only just on subfolder in \userdata so don’t worry about it). 730 stands for CS:GO’s App-ID.

The file config.cfg is created automatically by the game and should not be edited as changes will be overwritten. It is however a source of useful information regarding the current configuration and possible key bindings.

The file autoxec.cfg will be executed automatically at game start - this is were you should put your custom configuration. I myself prefer to put my configuration in a separate file which in my case is called dackel.cfg . By adding the line

exec dackel.cfg

to the autoexec.cfg this will be loaded at startup as well. But this is for cosmetic reasons only.

Note that you can execute script files anytime by opening the game’s console and typing

exec <config-file-name>

Also I add the following lines at the top of the file:

echo ""
echo "***********************************************"
echo "Executing dackel.cfg v<date-last-edited>"
echo "***********************************************"
echo ""

where <date-last-edited> contains you guess what.

This way I can see in the clients console that the file has been executed and also when I last edited it.

Fast weapon switches

The following scripts are used to switch between (main) gun and pistol or knife quickly.

alias use_pistol "slot2"
// use your main weapon - or the pistol if you do not have one
alias use_gun "slot2;slot1"
alias use_knife "use Weapon_knife"

//switch between knife and gun (and reset the pistol_toggle)
alias knife1 "use_knife; alias toggle_knife knife2; alias toggle_pistol pistol1"
alias knife2 "use_gun; alias toggle_knife knife1; alias toggle_pistol pistol1"
alias toggle_knife knife1

//switch between pistol and gun (and reset the knife_toggle)
alias pistol1 "use_pistol; alias toggle_pistol pistol2; alias toggle_knife knife1"
alias pistol2 "use_gun; alias toggle_pistol pistol1	; alias toggle_knife knife1"
alias toggle_pistol pistol1

bind "q" "toggle_pistol"
bind "f" "toggle_knife"


These scripts help with adding and removing bots to the server. Note that the rcon password needs to be set.

// add a single bot
alias abt "rcon bot_add_t expert"
alias abc "rcon bot_add_ct expert"

// add  8 bots for each side
alias botsadd "abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc;abt;abc"

alias botsremove "rcon bot_kick all"

alias botsdeactivate "rcon bot_quota 0"
alias botsactivate "rcon bot_quota 16"

alias botshelp "echo Bots: botsadd, botsremove, botsactivate, botsdeactivate"


This script is used to toggle the display of net_graph information

alias netgraphon "net_graph 1; alias toggle_netgraph netgraphoff"
alias netgraphoff "net_graph 0; alias toggle_netgraph netgraphon"

bind "-" "toggle_netgraph"